Timing Pasture Mowing for Weed Control

Pasture managers looking for answers on when the best time to mechanically clip pastures will find the answer in this episode of Forage Focus. This past winter, host- Christine Gelley- Extension Educator, Agriculture & Natural Resources in Noble County connected with her neighbor- Ted Wiseman- Extension Educator, Agriculture & Natural Resources in Perry County on the topic over the phone. Together with complementary visuals, in this episode they discuss on-farm research and concepts that surround the decisions of when and how to clip/mow/bush hog/brush hog pastures to promote the growth of desirable plants in diverse pasture ecosystems.

You’re invited to direct your questions/comments to Ted or Christine at:

Ted Wiseman
Perry County Extension
104 S. Columbus St., Somerset, OH 43783
Phone: 740-743-1602
Email: wiseman.15@osu.edu
Website: perry.osu.edu

Christine Gelley
Noble County Extension
46049 Marietta Rd., Suite 2, Caldwell, OH 43724
Phone: 740-732-5681
Email: gelley.2@osu.edu
Website: noble.osu.edu