BQA Transport Training & Certification

Beginning in 2020, several packers will require BQA Transportation certification of the hauler/drivers delivering cattle to their plants.

By the start of 2020, the major beef cattle processors have requested that any livestock hauler delivering cattle to their facilities be certified in Beef Quality Assurance – Transport (BQAT). Any professional hauler or farmer delivering loads of cattle directly to a processor should plan on attending a BQAT training and certification prior to delivering their first load of cattle in 2020. Much like producer BQA, the goal of the BQAT program is to make sure that cattle transporters are implementing good animal handling and transport practices.

Transportation quality assurance plays a critical role in the health and welfare of cattle. The proper handling and transport of cattle can reduce sickness in calves, prevent bruises, and improve the quality of the meat from these animals. By using best practices, transporters can save the beef industry millions of dollars each year. When a transporter participates in the program they are showing consumers they are ready to take every step possible to keep cattle as healthy and safe as possible.

The in-person trainings will last approximately 2 hours and cover many topics including:

  • Cattle handling guidelines & diagrams
  • Checklists for loading/unloading
  • Checklists for hot/cold weather factors
  • Checklists for fit/injured/weak cattle
  • Checklist for traveling
  • Loading suggestions and worksheets
  • Bio-security & Emergency Action Plans

BQAT may also be taken on-line by going to

To learn about upcoming in-person training opportunities contact your local extension office or Steve Boyles (, OSU Extension Beef Specialist.  Also, any upcoming BQA Transportation programs will be listed at the OSU Beef Team website in the Events/Programs section.

Please note, BQAT Certification is not the same thing as BQA Certification.