Ohio Beef Cattle School Kicks Off on January 17

John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator

The Ohio State University Extension Beef Team would like to invite anyone with an interest in beef production to attend the upcoming 2017 Ohio Beef Cattle School.  This educational series will begin on Tuesday, January 17 and continue on February 7 and February 28, 2017 and will start each evening at 7:00 p.m.  These sessions will follow a similar format used in the past as each session will be broadcast locally via an internet link.

The programs will focus on the three primary production sectors of the beef industry in Ohio: cow-calf, backgrounding/stocker, and feedlot.  The primary mission of this program is to demonstrate how the relationships between these three sectors must work together to produce high quality beef for today’s consumer.

The school begins on January 17, 2017 with a focus on the cow-calf sector of the beef industry.  Dr. Justin Rhinehart, Associate Professor, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, University of Tennessee Department of Animal Science, will focus on key management practices that will help the cow-calf producer stay viable in the beef cattle business.  He will discuss how genetics and nutrition are key components of reproduction management that will keep females productive.  Dr. Amy Radunz, Associate Professor, Beef Cattle Production, University of Wisconsin – River Falls will present  “Achieving the genetic potential of your calf crop – it starts at conception!”  This presentation will cover how nutrition and management during gestation could impact the lifetime development of the resulting calf.

Each evening’s webinar will be broadcast live beginning at 7 p.m. from host locations throughout Ohio as well as one in West Virginia. For more information about attending at any of the remote location sites, go to this direct link about the 2017 Ohio Beef Cattle School at: http://go.osu.edu/BeefSchool .   A list of the host locations and contact information is available at the end of the article.

If you have any further questions about the 2017 Ohio Beef Cattle School, contact John Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator, 1864 Shyville Rd., Piketon, OH 45661.  Additional contact information: Office: 740-289-2071, Ext. #242, Fax: 740-289-4591, E-mail: grimes.1@osu.edu.