Late Summer Alfalfa Planting

Rory Lewandowski, OSU Extension Educator, Wayne County & Crossroads EERA and Mark Sulc, Forage Specialist, OSU Extension

August gives growers another window of opportunity to establish an alfalfa stand, provided there is sufficient soil moisture for seed germination and plant emergence. There are some advantages to a late summer alfalfa planting as compared to a spring planting. One big plus is that Continue reading

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Spreadsheet Calculates Cost of CRP Hay and Grazing

– the Iowa Beef Center

AMES, Iowa – With the announced August 2 opening of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) ground in all Iowa counties (and much of the country) for emergency haying and grazing for certain practices, producers may be wondering whether to use their land for those purposes. The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University is offering a new spreadsheet that estimates hay cost per bale or ton and grazing cost per day for CRP forage. Continue reading

Planting Small Grains in Late Summer and Autumn for Supplemental Forage

Mark Sulc, Forage Specialist and Stan Smith, OSU Extension PA, Fairfield County

Producers who own and manage ruminants are looking to grow more forage this autumn and early next spring because of the reduced forage yields resulting from dry weather this year. Supplemental forage can be produced yet this year by planting small grains or annual ryegrass on land coming out of wheat or corn silage. In this article we discuss options for planting in early August (on wheat stubble ground for example), in late August to early September (after corn silage removal), and after soybean harvest (late September to mid-October).

Before making any plans to plant supplemental forages, sure to check the Continue reading

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