Oats, Turnips and Teff

A couple of weeks ago in this publication, Jeff McCutcheon mentioned “summer annuals for grazing” including a grass native of Ethiopia called Teff. Below is a photo of Teff the Burnworths from Bremen planted on May 28, 2007. The photo is taken at three weeks after planting “in dust” and having received a total of 0.6 inch rain since planting. Their goal is to harvest it on July 4 weekend.


Also found at the Burnworth’s is the oat/turnip mix you see below. Planted the same day as the Teff, they drilled 50 pounds of oats, spread 2 pounds of turnips, cultipacked it, and spread enough liquid manure from the lagoon over the top of the seeding to provide the equivalent of 15 pounds of nitrogen. The goal is to strip graze the oat/turnip mix beginning July 4.