Module 6

The most useful thing that I have learned from this weeks lesson would be source credibility in an academic paper. The importance of the lesson taught me that you need first need to make sure it is a reliable source. This means that the source can not be a wikipedia site or some random site written by some random person. It needs to come from someone who is an author like a PhD, MS, DR. Also it should come from someone who is a known publisher then it needs to be up to date. The information can not be some rando information that is poorly written and jumps all over the place. It should be well written and consistent. The last thing that I really didn’t know but learned from this lesson is utility. I think that I over look this as I am just trying to find information on the paper and not taking into consideration if it is appropriate or not for the paper. Some information that I would give to people for the future maily is don’t try to rush when writing a paper. Take your time and find good scholarly sources as it will make your paper flow a lot better and give you more to write about when brainstorming what to write about on those longer pieces.

Module 4 Blog

Some of the most useful things that I learned in this module was using online resources to help with a number of online work. There are so many helpful resources online that can guide you to help with almost anything. Some of those being owl, chegg, grammarly, quizlet, etc. all give you an advantage into studying and also helping with writing papers/checking grammer. For example when I don’t know how to formal a paper that isn’t mla formal I can go on owl and it will show me how to format the paper in the correct format. Another great example is when I write a paper and don’t have a friend to read over it for me, then I can just put the paper on the website and it will help with all my errors. Also I learned that multitasking while trying to accomplish work doesn’t work very well for me. In the future I am going to fix this by taking all my distractions away and just focusing on what I have to do at hand. If you aren’t focusing on what is at hand then you are learning less and it practically is a waste of time so you should just put all of your attention to that at hand.