Queens instead of The Wilds for 2018

Hello! First of all, thanks so much for your work last year to help collect data on plant/bee visitation at The Wilds! Because the Ohio Bee Survey is ramping up this year to look for queens, and because of the travel distance to make monthly visits to The Wilds, Karen Goodell and I have decided to focus on recruiting data collectors to help with the Queen bumble bee survey. You may have already signed up to help with this, but in case you haven’t, here are the details:

Bumble Bee Survey

I sincerely enjoyed spending several relaxing days with everyone at the Wilds last year!

Our last session at the Wilds: next Tuesday (10/3) 10AM to 2PM

Hi all! A quick reminder that our next (and last of 2017) session at the Wilds is coming up next Tuesday, 10/3. We’ll meet at 10AM in the parking lot as usual, then head out to the field with Karen Goodell. We’ll finish up around 2PM. The day will include a summary of our data collection and review of bee ID in the classroom. Bring your lunch (and all the usual gear).

Please let me know if you’re coming so we’ll be sure to wait for everyone. If you can’t join us, a BIG THANK YOU for your help with this year’s project! We made plenty of rookie errors and also learned a lot. Karen wants us back next year!

September and October dates

Hi all! Due to my confusion, you may or may not have some confusion about our September meeting at the Wilds. I had two dates on my calendar, for some reason, and I was confusing myself because of Labor Day. Our September date is (drum roll….) the 5th. Not news to you? Good! See you on Tuesday September 5th! Same plan (meet in parking lot), same time (10AM until done), same watch for weather updates.

We will also have an October session to close out the season on October 3rd. Karen Goodell will meet us at the Wilds and will help us process what we learned this year. We’ll review data collection protocol and bee ID and will look ahead to next year. Spoiler alert: Karen definitely wants us to be involved next year!

More details to follow, but for how please mark your calendar!

Tomorrow at the Wilds

 Looks like a great day to count bees and flowers! Please RSVP to me today so we know who to wait for in the parking lot. If you’re coming, bring all the goods for hot sunny day… lots of water, hat, sunscreen,food and we’ll meet in the parking lot at 10.

July 11th session cancelled at The Wilds, 80% chance of thunderstorms!

Don’t we usually dry out in July? It’s not looking promising for catching bees tomorrow. We don’t have a third rain date, but I am available on July 18th and will be at the Wilds to give it a try. I know schedules get full, but if you’re able to make it on the 18th, we’ll do our best to get our July data collected. I will post any possible changes to that schedule (rain????) here by next Monday.

Cheers, and the plus is I don’t have to water the garden!!