Welcome to my Professional Portfolio

ProfessionalWelcome to my Professional Portfolio

My name is Scott Bedle, I am currently a student at The Ohio State University pursuing a B.S. in Food, Agricultural and Biological engineering.  As a student here at Ohio State, I have experienced many different types of classes. These classes have taught me the ability to work with a team, manage my time, and a lot of technical skills. The purpose of this website is to present my career portfolio with samples of my work, a resume, and my career goals.

I believe that with my degree in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering The Ohio State University, along with my experience from multiple jobs show that I would be highly qualified candidate for a position in the Food Processing area. My experiences at The Ohio State University have given me a strong background on the food process and safety involved in the equipment. This, along with design processing and programing classes have helped me understand the requirements needed to make food safely for the consumer. During my time here I have picked up many skills that include working in teams on design projects, using CAD to design simple prototype microchips and also managing a project schedule throughout a project.

Throughout my college career I have worked in the nutrition sector of sales. These jobs have developed my communication skills, helped my understanding of company values and taught me how to exceed expectations. I have also worked in human resources here at Ohio State working on various projects and supporting the hiring and retention process for management. These jobs have given me skills in communication, teamwork, and upholding company values. Along with those skills these jobs have helped extremely with being organized and having time management skills.

In this career portfolio you will find my resume, sample projects, and also my career goals. These pages will provide you with what I have to offer as a professional to your business. Thank you for visiting this page and I hope to hear from you soon.