Maintaining Motivation Blog Post

The most useful thing I took from this module seven is shutting out distractions sometimes when I do homework I’ll listen to music that might not be as motivating or have tv in the background while I’m doing homework. I think this can be especially distracting because I’m focusing on two different things at once and have background noise that won’t help me study. Another way I applied these tactics is by turning my message notifications off my laptop as a lot of the time they can be very distracting especially in you’re in group messages that get filled with messages turning off my phone or messages off my laptop helped me get things done and get them done in a more timely manner than I normally would’ve if I was reading and replying to all my messages that I receive this helped me be more efficient. To put this to use in the future I could keep my messages on do not disturb on my laptop certain hours of the day when I’m doing the most homework or during my class times so I don’t have those distractions of reading and replying to my texts This could help me be a more efficient student in the future.

Searching and Researching Blog Post

The most useful thing I learned in this module is finding the best ways to find resources especially when it comes to looking for good and helpful resources and how to find the best ones for me. Another helpful thing I learned is the different research questions to ask yourself and how to develop the best research questions when doing a research paper. A example from this module that I already have applied is when I do the pre research for my paper I am very familiar with this because sometimes for me it can be the most time consuming thing to do. Another thing I could use from this module is making sure my research I find is creditable and is of good quality this can make or break your paper as your basing your paper off this information so finding the right information could be crucial when writing a good research paper. Advice I would give my student peers is to make sure the quality of your research you find is good so you can get the A you want as well as finding the best questions to ask when developing your paper these questions could help you create a better research paper and get the grade you want.

Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies Blog Post

The most useful thing I learned in this module is adapting focusing on reading throughout my studies I think this can be useful because paying attention when your reading can help you get and gain more from the readings and you can absorb information better and retain that information if you keep your focus on the readings and paying attention to what those readings are saying you can get more from them. Not only paying attention to readings is helpful but also when it comes to reading directions if you pay attention more to your directions your more likely to understand the information given and when it comes to following the directions you’ll be more likely to get a better grade on your project/ assignment because you’ll be more likely to understand what you have to do.  A way I adapted these skills is taking notes on what readings I have and reading the directions for my assignments more than once so I better understand what I have to do for my assignment and I can take in the information better and am more likely to retain the information or directions that are given to me so I can do better on assignments and learn more on my readings.

Module 4: Web enhanced reading and study strategies

The most useful thing I learned in this module is memorization in learning I put this into action in my math class because half of algebra incorporation in math is memorizing the formulas and applying this during my class with homework’s tests etc. Using this in my real life is easily applicable because memorization is learning and keeping those memorized in your head and applying them not only in my classes but in real life too can be extremely helpful. Advice I would give students based on my experience is that memorization is extremely useful when it comes to learning and discovering how to use memorization and apply it to your studying habits could change the way you learn and improve it immensely.  A specific example from this module that I could apply to the future is avoiding multi tasking doing this will help me keep my mind set on one thing and to achieve my set goal and get it done without distractions around me if I avoid multi tasking. I can put do this by only focusing on this assignment and trying to get it done without doing other things distracting me like my cat trying to jump on my keyboard.

Efficiency in the Digital Age Blog Post

The most useful thing I took from this weeks module is learning the tell tail signs of procrastination and how to deal with it with certain techniques when it comes to procrastination a way to overcome procrastination provided in the slides is to avoid multi tasking so you can just focus at the task at hand. Not multi tasking can help you only work on what you need to get done first so you can finish it faster and move onto other things. I have put this into practice today by only focusing on this blog post and avoiding multi tasking this worked out well as I finished the task. An idea from this module I can put in practice is breaking down large tasks so I’m not doing it right before the deadline. The way I could do this is not waiting till the last minute to start a big project and spreading out my time. Advice I would give to my student peers is make sure you don’t wait till the last minute if you know something will take a long time and another thing is staying clear of multi tasking and only focusing on one thing at once.

Module 2: Communicating and Collaborating

The most useful thing I learned in this module is how to write proper emails to professors. I’ve always been one to struggle with finding the right words when writing a good email to professors and keeping it professional and respectful. I think a lot of students could take something from learning. Something I’ve already put into practice is not using all caps when writing to people as it makes you sound angry especially when texting someone it can make you seem like you’re mad. Something from this module I could use in the future is the tactics for dealing with group members as I have had issues with some groups in the past which happens to everyone there always seems to be that one person that is not pulling their weight. I would put this in practice by communicating with my group members on who needs to do what so we all have a job. Advice I would give to other students based on this module is learning how to communicate with your peers and professors can be vital when making connections and interacting with people online. This information can help you succeed when taking online classes like this one or for your future interactions with people in the real world.