Project 1
Final rendering of My Room (by Aaron Beckhon, 2021)
Final rendering of My Room (by Aaron Beckhon, 2021)

Project Statement

       The objective was to create a room using triangulation and 1 or 2 point perspective. For my room, I wanted to design a space that included items that are special to me like my guitar and plants. The theme of my room is inspired by modern Greece architecture and bohemian furniture. The idea of having a room with more space than furniture has always intrigued me because the open space can be filled with people and human interaction.


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       I enjoyed learning how to create grids to put objects in a space from a 2 point perspective. I think that some of my strong moments in this project was triangulation and drawing in 1 point perspective. If I were to add anything to my composition, I would of not added more furniture but added more detail to bring out better visual effects.