Mask: Happy, excited, and sad (by Aaron Beckhon, Michkayla Goins, and Liann Trahey, 2022)
Mask: Happy (by Aaron Beckhon, 2022)

Project statement

The objective for this project was to create a narrative to establish ideas that will help refine decisions in form, material, action (performance) and meaning. our narrative will address the theme of masking as related to a pandemic. My two partners and I studied emotions that we may hide under our mask during a pandemic. With this we also studied color theory to interpret and show these emotions with the use of color. Our masks are abstract, modern, industrial, and exciting creating an interesting composition through utilizing various materials such as wire, resin, acrylic paint, glitter and ribbon. The abstract and industrial aspects come from the wire to highlight ones features and the perspective of their emotions with forms and color. Impart of the concept detailing our emotions being hidden and then expressed through our masks, have been uncomfortably troublesome having to wear constantly throughout the two years of the pandemic.


View detailed project process at Mask-up: process


What I enjoyed most about this project was the collaborative experience with conceptualizing a design project. Overall I think my partners and I came up with a solid project that would show 3 different compositions that correlate and harmonize through color theory and material use. If I were to make any adjustments to my project, I would come up with a more creative way on how i attached ribbon to the temples of the mask.