Gifting Design

Project statement

Meet and get to know a mentor that you choose and design a gift for them based on what you have learned through direct communication. Experiment with compositional attributes in volumetric space and form: inside and outside; complimentary relationships between a “packaged” or contained idea and the form/vehicle that contains it. The gift that I decided to create is a red carnation flower that symbolizes a significant prop in Hadestown The Musical. The flower is essentially used as a gift in the musical. I chose this gift because Hadestown The Musical is on of my mentors (Sarah Relyea) favorite musicals.


View detailed project process at Gifting Design: Process


What I enjoyed most about this project was getting to know Sarah and her interest. It was cool to see how you can learn about someone and who they are, and gift them something based off of what you’ve learned about them. I enjoyed creating a space that correlated to Sarah and I’s interest. If I were to make any adjustments to this project, I would have found a better way of creating the carnation flower.