Study Abroad: Iceland

The only courses I took during spring and summer of 2016 surrounded a study abroad trip to Iceland in June.

Environmental and Natural Resources 5790.06 – Iceland Seminar
Environmental and Natural Resources 5797.06 – Study Abroad Iceland

Program description 

The primary objective of this study abroad program is to expose students to a country with unique and diverse environmental advantages as well as problems. A second objective is for students to examine how another society deals with environmental issues similar to those found in the United States.

This program will allow students to see such dichotomies firsthand. The numerous environmental issues found throughout the island provide a wonderful outdoor classroom for students to study and observe issues such as land degradation (deforestation, soil erosion, and desertification) and the threats of poor resource protection, as well as the possibilities of environmental restoration and the benefits of resource conservation.

In addition to learning about environmental issues, students will learn about industries such as fishing and whaling, and Icelandic tourism and park management will be studied on field trips to national parks with unusual features such as geysers, glaciers and hot springs. Activities such as hiking and swimming will provide time for relaxation between the planned educational activities.


Hvalfjörður (pdf)
Eyjafjallajökull (pdf)
Whaling in Iceland (pdf)

You can find my daily posts including photos and videos from the trip under the Iceland category in this blog.