Before I entered a degree program at Ohio State, I spent about four years taking courses out of interest.  I have taken classes most semesters since 2008.  Here are highlights from the assignments for some of these classes. (Note: Some of the course numbers are from the quarter system.)

Comm 6806 – Contemporary Theories of Communication

Final Paper: Misinformation from Front Groups (pdf)

Rural Soc 5500 – Diffusion of Innovations

Final Paper: The Effects of Social Media in the Animal Protection Movement

ENR 5600 – Sustainable Agriculture

Book Review: Merchants of Doubt
Final Project: HSUS Ag Councils From Contention to Cooperation

Poli Sci 597 – Food Politics

Final Paper: Pork

AEDE 597 – Food, Population and Environment

Final Paper: Democratic Republic of Congo
Final Presentation: Democratic Republic of Congo

EEOB 405 – Organismic Diversity

Exam 1

ENR 415 – Zoo Science and Management

Anim Sci 240 – Animals and Society

Final Paper: Effect of California’s Prop 2 on Welfare of Egg-Laying Hens

Anim Sci 210 – Introduction to Animal Science

Bio 116H

Essay: Banana

Bio 115H

Chem 121




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