Fall 2018

The Fall of 2018 was a difficult semester for me. One of the final requirements for my master’s in environment and natural resources degree was an ecology class. I signed up for ENR 5280, Stream Ecology, which met Tuesday and Thursday mornings, then had an all-day Tuesday lab. At the same time, one of the other staff members at work quit, and I ended up having to do most of his job for several months while we hired new staff. That meant I needed to be at work events, several of which were on Tuesdays. So I had to withdraw from Stream Ecology only a few weeks into the course.

Instead, I picked up PUBAFR 6510, a one-hour course in the Glenn College on data visualization, specifically using Tableau. See more on the course page in this section.

I also kept up my environmental advocacy through Ready for 100 and other environmental volunteer work.