ENR 7981

Course description: Environmental professional practice-oriented seminars and forums.

Students in the MENR program are required to take two  semesters of the seminar (ENR 7981). The course allows students to:

  • Network within the environmental professional practice community
  • Develop a breadth of knowledge in the field
  • Learn about current issues in the field
  • Gain professional growth

Students are required to obtain a minimum of 10 hours with students typically completing 15 hours over a minimum of 5 events. Following each event a one page reflection should be submitted.  Below are reflections for some of the seminars and meetings I attended.

August 25, 2016 – Columbus Beyond Coal Team Meeting

August 27, 2016 – Climate Action Columbus Meeting

September 1, 2016 – Value of Networking Seminar

September 15, 2016 – Solidarity with Standing Rock Rally

September 29, 2016 – Fracking Debates Seminar

October 25, 2016 – EPN Presentation on Ted Turner

October 27, 2016 – Wayne National Forest Organizing Meeting

December 2, 2016 – EPN Breakfast on Lead in Ohio Water