ENR 7520

Course description: Introduction to the common and statutory law and administration of environmental protection, with special emphasis on scientific and technological aspects.

This was the first law course I have taken, and it explained a lot about why environmental groups pick the battles they do and how the process works.  Topics covered included:

  • Tragedy of the commons
  • Land and property rights
  • Anglo-American legal system
  • Common and statutory law
  • Legislatures and statutes
  • Administrative law and agencies
  • Courts and common law
  • Science and technology in the legal system
  • Public and private law
  • NEPA
  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • RCRA and CERCLA (Superfund)
  • Toxic and hazardous waste
  • Fracking

Course syllabus (pdf)
Topics covered (pdf)