Course description: Overview of the public policy process and the historical and contemporary context in which policy making and implementation are carried out in the United States at the federal, state and local levels.

Central to this class was the policy brief and presentation.  Since I’m interested in policies to address climate change, and I’m a co-leader for the Columbus chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, I decided to do mine on CCL’s carbon fee and dividend proposal.

Carbon Fee and Dividend – Policy Presentation (pdf) – My presentation turned out to be half An Inconvenient Truth, half the REMI Report on carbon fee and dividend.  The first half explained the problem, and the second half explained the solution.  It took a long time to put together because climate change is a difficult subject to cover in a short presentation.  We were not supposed to go over 15 to 20 minutes.

Carbon Fee and Dividend – Policy Brief (pdf) – My policy brief was based on the presentation.

We also had to write a final paper in which we applied theories from the class to a real-world policy.  I did mine on Ohio’s Dangerous Wild Animal Act of 2012 (pdf), which I was actively involved with passing.  Here are the References (pdf).





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