This semester I am a teaching assistant for Anatomy 2300. This is a wonderful opportunity that I greatly enjoy. As a TA, I help teach cadaver labs along with three other TA’s and a Graduate TA who leads the lecture during labs and helps coordinate the labs. I teach two labs and am now tutoring five students as well. I have always liked helping others learn, but hadn’t thought about it as a career until I started as a teaching assistant. I was afraid that I would be too shy and nervous to teach in front of others, but I am not. I have now looked into going to graduate school to get my masters in anatomy to teach at the undergraduate level. I look forward to teaching lab each week and tutoring. Being a TA has played a large part in making this semester so enjoyable.


I am becoming more globally aware through the workshop we did on Global Citizenship through our Mount meeting, and also in the global public health class I am taking this semester.

I am exploring original inquiry through projects in my classes and next semester I am taking Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice, a class that will introduce me to information literacy, research methods, and evidence based practice as they relate to health promotion. This will get me started in original inquiry for my field, health and wellness.

I am enriching my academic curricula by adding a minor, which is yet to be decided, taking challenging, thought provoking GE courses, and by being an anatomy teaching assistant. I have excelled the most in my TA position and it really excites me and has made me think about continuing into a career in anatomy, because I enjoy teaching it.

I have furthered my development as a leader, not only through the activities in Mount, but also as a part of the OWL Coordinator position I held at the beginning of the year for move in. Also, my classes and STEP cohort have had various activities to learn more about myself, and how I can use this information to help me be a better leader. Being an Anatomy TA has also helped develop my public speaking skills and other leadership qualities that are beneficial.

I am engaged in service through my year of service project. I am working with the Girls Circle Project to help empower young girls and help combat gender inequality. I am also volunteering through my major with health and wellness initiatives around campus.

Year in Review

Over this first year at college, I have grown tremendously as a person. I am now more independent and confident in myself. At the beginning of the year I was very homesick and had a lot of anxiety about my classes and life in general. I went home or to my sisters almost every weekend. It wasn’t until week 9 of classes when I dropped my ENGR 1181 class and switched my major to exploration, that I felt I had some room and time to breath and everything wasn’t as overwhelming. I then had time to do things with people and began making friends. This made me feel more comfortable at Ohio State and eased my anxiety. Second semester has been the complete opposite of the first, I am enjoying my classes and doing well in them, I hang out with friends and was even able to find a roommate for next year that I hadn’t met before, but we clicked well and I am excited for next year. I didn’t go home between coming back from winter break and spring break, I did go to sisters a few times, but mainly to help her pack and move, and my family came to visit, but I didn’t go home for nine weeks. During first semester I knew that I needed to stay at Ohio State for spring semester because of my scholarships, but was very seriously thinking of leaving after that. It is amazing that now I am excited about staying at Ohio State for my second year and looking forward to what it holds for me.

Here are some pictures from throughout the year, you can definitely see the difference in how I was feeling.

The first week, with my roommate

Mount Gala, with Skylar, Nikki, and Grace. 

I’m always smiling with my nephew, but you can see the difference from the beginning of the year


My classes this semester are more health related. I am taking anatomy, physiology, nutrition, life span human development, and an exploration class. I am enjoying my classes much more and think this change was the right choice for me. My explorations class was only a session 1 class, so it has ended, but I found it very helpful. It got me thinking about careers more and got me out of my comfort zone. I met with the adviser for the Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare program to learn more about it and received the contact information for a student in the program. I met with her also and learned about the major from a students perspective. I have already applied for the HWIH major and am very interested in it. My main concerns are that it is very new, it started this fall, and that I can’t find a lot of information on it. As I mentioned in my previous artifact, I am a planner and like to know what is happening when for the most part and to have an end goal in mind.

Mount Legacy Week, I was on team Health and helped with a project giving seniors healthy snacks to try and this helped me realize a passion. I enjoy helping people to help themselves. Our world is becoming very unhealthy and I would like to help people to be able to take control of their bodies and make themselves better, to live healthier, longer lives. I am excited to see where my future takes me and to see the impact that I can make on others.


I recently changed my major from Biomedical Engineering to Health and Human Services Exploration. This was a really big step for me because I am a planner. I also dropped my ENGR 1181 class since I no longer want to do engineering and it will give me more time. For me, changing my major was a very big decision and one that I am still anxious about, it is a very big change. I have heard from multiple people that it isn’t uncommon to change your major, but when you are doing it, it is a challenge and hard to know whether or not you are making the right choice. I have always thought some type of engineering since I was in junior high so it is difficult changing that and changing my mindset. Although, I believe it is the right decision because I am starting to feel better about my future, not as trapped. This also frees up some time that I can get help in other classes. I still am unsure of what I want to do, but hopefully exploration will help me figure it out.


intj-headFor Mount Scholars Survey class I was asked to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator survey. There are sixteen different profiles that are different personality types based on your preferences. There are four dichotomies and two preferences for each. In favorite world, you either prefer extroversion(E) or introversion(I); information, either sensing(s) or intuition(N); decisions, either thinking(T) or feeling(F); structure, either judging(J) or perceiving(P). After taking the survey, my personality type is INTJ. According to the MBTI type table, I am visually oriented, quietly innovative, insightful, conceptual, logical, critical, independent, decisive, determined, seek understanding, and pursue competence and improvement.

MBTI Basics

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About Me


Sarah Beam is a first-year Health and Human Services Exploration major from McConnelsville, OH, a small town in southeastern Ohio. She is a member of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars. She was valedictorian of the Morgan High School Class of 2016. In high school she ran Cross Country and Track, and was very involved with the leadership and community service aspects of 4-H. She is an animal lover, especially dogs, they are such kind, loving animals. She is interested in science and is amazed by the complexity of the human body. This is what guided her to choose Health and Human Services Exploration as her major. She still isn’t 100% sure what she wants to that is why she is exploring her options. She loves learning hands-on and believes it really concretes concepts when you are actively involved and engaged in the learning.