Buckeye East Asian Linguistics (BEAL)

Welcome to the Buckeye East Asian Linguistics (BEAL) website at The Ohio State University! Here, we announce our two primary activities, namely:

  1. BEAL Forum, a biennial event that was inaugurated in Autumn 2014 with BEAL Forum 1, and
  2. BEAL Publications, our occasional e-publications, with BEAL 1 published, and BEAL 2 forthcoming.

BEAL Forum logo - 500x500Buckeye East Asian Linguistics (BEAL) was formally created on 6 May 2014 by DEALL faculty members, Professors Mineharu Nakayama, Marjorie Chan and Zhiguo Xie, with initial plans at that meeting to host the first BEAL Forum in October. As planned, BEAL Forum 1 took place that year on 24 October 2014.

BEAL Forum is a biennial event that receives support from Ohio State faculty and graduate students. It aims centrally to showcase research activities in East Asian linguistics in the Buckeye state, with welcoming contributions from those at institutions in neighboring states and beyond.

BEAL Forum 3 (2018) takes place on 22 October 2018 at The Ohio State University. We look forward to your participation at BEAL Forum 3!

BEAL Forum 2 (2016) took place on 21 October 2016 at The Ohio State University.

BEAL Forum 1 (2014) took place on 24 October 2014 at The Ohio State University.

BEAL Publications — Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Publications — are occasional volumes edited by faculty and students researching in East Asian linguistics.

  1. BEAL 1, the first BEAL publication, is a compilation of papers based on presentations at BEAL Forum 1 in 2014.
  2. BEAL 2 is a Festschrift in honor of recently-retired Professor James Marshall Unger.
  3. BEAL 3, a compilation of papers to be based on presentations at BEAL Forum 2 in 2016,  is forthcoming.