Getting Caught Up on the Headlines wit IA TA Sam Stelnicki (Zoom) – 4/9/20

I watched the recording of the event on zoom that took place on Thursday, April 9th at 7:30 PM. I sadly could not participate in the Kahoot at the beginning of the presentation, however, I did choose an answer before the correct one was revealed. I was surprised at the statistic that 74% of the world’s working population has been affected by COVID-19. It blows my mind that this disease has affected so many people, especially when we aren’t seeing everything going on all over the world. The topics that Sam discussed were all effects of coronavirus shutting down most countries all over the world.

The US government is deciding to release the prisoners that are susceptible to coronavirus but this could be an issue because they may have nowhere else to go and may do worse outside of prison. In countries such as Hungary and Russia, the disease is opening doors for government leaders to gain total power of the country through making it seem like it is about health and safety but could lead to total power indefinitely. I thought it was very interesting that Turkmenistan is announcing that they have no cases in their country but have been notorious for censoring their own media. Developing countries in Sub Saharan Africa that have been improving their economy through certain industries could backtrack their progress during the recession that the world is experiencing. This relates to international affairs because it is important to understand the impacts that COVID-19 is having on the entire world because all countries are having similar problems and the differences in how they handle it will affect their progress.


International Perspectives on the Coronavirus Pandemic (Zoom) – 4/22/20

On Wednesday, April 22nd at 9:00 AM I attended the event through zoom. There were people from multiple countries such as Germany, France, and China and of all different ages. It was interesting to hear about the perspectives that different countries had on the pandemic and what their countries were doing to prevent the spread. One thing that really surprised me was the QR codes that France is using to make sure no one is going beyond one kilometer from their house without good reasoning. I think that because France has been able to implement the QR code, the country is able to enforce strict stay-at-home orders more successfully. It was also interesting to hear the difference of perspectives between Germany and France, especially since they are neighboring countries. France seemed to be more strict throughout the country while Niklas was explaining that in Berlin, they have not been very strict about staying at home. I also think it was not fair that in China they are still requiring the students to take their college entrance exams, even though they are taking it under nonstandard conditions that could affect their grade and where they attend university.

When Steven asked everyone if they had heard about the protests in the United States, I was just waiting for them to say that we are a dumb country (at least some people). It did not surprise me that no one in their countries was protesting stay at home orders, and they seemed appalled that people were doing it here. I think that people in our country are too capitalistic instead of caring about the well being of others and themselves. This relates to international affairs because it is important to notice how other countries are approaching the same issues. We can use that information to try and change policy in our own country by learning from them.

International News Trivia (Social) – 3/2/20

On Monday, March 2nd, I attended the international news trivia session in the sky lounge of Smith-Steeb. The wonderful second years that led this event bought those who attended insomnia cookies. I, of course, had one chocolate chip and one macadamia nut cookie. I attended with my roommate Lily. The trivia was presented in the form of a Kahoot and I did not do as amazing as I had hoped but Lily landed top five (proud roomie!!!). Even though I did not end up winning, I learned a few important things that were happening around the world at that time.

Some of the questions included politics, while some were about celebrity news, and others about the coronavirus. I remember one question was about Pete Buttigieg dropping from the presidential race which happened the day before (I shed a tear for a fallen soldier). The questions about coronavirus were just stats of the rates of incidence so it was almost a guessing game at that point. There was another question about Prince Harry and Megan moving to Canada. This event relates to international affairs because it is important to be aware of issues happening around the globe to be an active participant in this subject.

Korean Culture Show (2/14/20) – Campus

On February 14th, I attended the Korean Culture Show at the Ohio Union Performance Hall. I attended the event with my roommate and some of my other friends. We had to go about an hour early because we knew that the line would be long since this was a highly attended show. We were able to get in the third row. The show was based on spreading traditional Korean culture as well as modern culture. There were performances from artists, dancers, singers, drummers, and martial arts students. There was also a parody of a Korean drama that played in between acts.

This event made me realize many things from Korean culture that should be respected by others, no matter the race. The traditional drummers showed traditional music that was very different from other cultures as well as the artists. I see why there is such a buzz on Korean culture, it was very inclusive and inviting. Not only did I learn new things about the culture, but it opened my eyes a little to see the importance of the traditions of another culture. This relates to International Affairs because it is important to be aware of other cultures in order to respect different ethnicities around the world.

Spring Career Fair (Professional Development) – 1/21/20

On Tuesday, January 21st I attended the spring career fair at 3:00 pm. I went with my roommate, Lily. I prepared for this by revising my resume and completed the finishing touches. I met with a few different companies that interested me. I was looking for companies that were offering summer internships involved with health care. My major is public health and to narrow down the paths that I can take for a career in this subject, I want to intern somewhere in the summer. I applied for a few of them, such as positions in the Wexner Medical Center and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Overall, this experience helped me learn how to speak with companies and make myself seem like an appealing candidate to be involved with them. I learned how to make myself stand out among the other students attending the event by highlighting on skills that I have that others may not have. It is hard to talk about your own skills and sort of “brag” but I used this event to get out of my comfort zone. This is related to international affairs because it is an integral characteristic to be approachable to get involved in different things. With international affairs, we use our approachability to make issues known among different populations and to gain respect.

IA, PSL, and ACES Late Night Breakfast – 12/4/19 (Social)

On December 4th, 2019 I attended the late-night breakfast hosted by IA, PSL, and ACES. The advisors of these Scholar’s groups made us breakfast at 9:00 pm, knowing that we would be up late studying for our exams. I got to interact with other members of these other Scholar’s group that attended. I met a girl from PSL who was really nice and we are currently friends. Yes, I know we are supposed to be “rivals” but at the end of the day we are all Smith-Steeb residents and we are connected in that way. I think that as an International Affairs Scholar, we are noted for our kindness and how outgoing we are. We now are taking courses together this semester and see each other almost every day.

This event is related to international affairs because as a scholar’s group, we are expected to be approachable and open-minded people. I think this was a perfect event to meet new people and bring awareness to our group. This event helped me become motivated for the exams to come in the following week. Not only did it give me a little break before the storm, but it helped me connect with others for study groups. I think this motivation is what everyone needed to start off their studies. I hope that we can have another similar event this semester!

Amnesty International: Sustainable Living in College (Campus) – 11/13/19

On November 13, I attended the Amnesty International event about living green while on campus. It was in the Smith Steeb glass classroom and I went with my roommate Lily. This is related to international affairs because conserving resources is a global issue. We need to start changing some of our daily habits in order to keep the earth a healthy place to live. If we do not start to make a change now, the planet will be on a course that cannot be reversed. Every individual needs to do their own part. Being “green” is not something that is separated by borders, it applies throughout the globe.

They talked about recycling on campus and how it works. I learned that when we recycle, we can only recycle paper or plastic that is not contaminated with food. So a pizza box cannot be recycled if it has crumbs or grease is stained on the paper. The recycling company that Ohio State uses does not allow this and the whole bag has to be thrown away. Also, they recommended to utilize reusable silverware instead of plastic ware in the dorms to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Also, when buying coffee or other drinks you can use refillable cups instead of getting the paper cups that they use since those cannot technically be recycled.

Arts and Sciences Graduate and Professional Fair (Professional Development) – 11/6/19

On November 6th, I attended the professional and graduate fair designated for people focusing on the arts and sciences. I went with my friend Jenna. We are both majoring in public health and want to move forward after our undergraduate education to maybe get a master’s degree in public health as well. I wore a dress with a cardigan to the Ohio Union Performance Hall expecting everyone else to be dressed the same. However, I was clearly overdressed but looking at it in a positive light, I made an impression. We stayed for only about thirty minutes since we only stopped at a couple of tables to speak with the experienced graduate representatives.

At the public health table, I asked a few questions. I learned how to get more involved on campus to give me a head start on my career and hopefully for graduate school. I got a free drawstring bag that was made by the college of public health. I also stopped at the table for medical school and learned about some of the students’ experiences. This graduate fair was recommended to me by my advisor. She knew it would help me get a better idea of what my future might look like and what paths I could take.

Democratic Debate (Campus) – 10/15/19

On Tuesday, October 15th, the fourth Democratic presidential debate was housed at Otterbein. My roommate and I decided it would be essential to watch the debate live to learn more about the people running for our country. I watched the whole debate all the way through and I was informed about many ideas the candidates have about different policies. Personally, ever since I have been at college, I have fallen behind about worldwide news and the 2020 presidential election. Watching the debate was able to give me a good idea about what has been going on and who the front runners are for the democratic party.

It seemed throughout the debate, the other candidates were trying to make Elizabeth Warren look like a fool. She was trying to describe her plan for Medicare and she used the words “Medicare for all.” The other candidates criticized her saying that she was giving no specifics about the plan. Vice President Biden was questioned about his son working on the Board in Ukraine and he stated that they had never talked about their work to each other which contradicted past statements. They all say that they have one thing in common, and that is getting Trump out of office as soon as possible. Many stated that he is the most corrupt president to have been in office, and everyone agreed.

I thought that it was essential that the debate ended by including how each candidate has had relationships with Republicans and how their differences were their strengths. Ellen sat by former President George Bush at the Dallas Cowboys football game and someone captured a photo of them laughing together and it blew up on social media. She addressed it on her show, saying that she has many conservative friends and there is nothing wrong with that. The candidates each had a chance to describe a time that they have had a friend who had opposite political views and how it has made them stronger as a person. It is important to have friends with different opinions so it makes everyone a more rounded person and sees the strengths in differences. Many of the candidates brought up John McCain, which may or may not have made me tear up. It was a surprise that this concept would be brought up in a political debate but I am glad that the American people were inspired to have a variety of relationships regardless of political views.

American Factory (Academic) – 10/20/19

On Sunday, October 19th, Lindsay Woodruff attempted to set up the documentary American Factory in the Smith side basement. However, the sound would not turn up loud enough for everyone to hear so she sent us to go watch it on our own time. My roommate and I ended up watching the movie together in our room. This movie relates to International Affairs because it compares the work culture between China and the United States, pointing out the flaws of each. It is important to see the connection between our cultures.

I was aware before the movie that many Chinese employees have worse working conditions than of us in the United States, but the documentary showed a whole new level to their work environment. They treat work as a privilege and that they aren’t just working for money but for the good of the company as well. The unions in China work hand in hand with the company’s management, unlike the United States. Chinese employees also work every day of the week, with longer hours, less pay, and dangerous working conditions. They are willing to skip their lunch break in order to finish the job successfully. Meanwhile, American workers demand proper lunch breaks, work 8-hour shifts, have work safety laws, and do not work on the weekends. The CEO of Fuyao made it clear that Americans are less effective than the Chinese and contrasted the working culture between the two.

I think that most people entering the workforce need to be aware of the differences in work conditions across the globe. Since many country’s economies are interconnected, people are working for the same outcome but with very different conditions. It is important to be aware of the cultures around the globe and how it can either create a great industry or problems within the workforce.