Lab News

  • The B-BAL has moved testing to campus on the Oval! We are looking to test younger adults for our FACS study, so keep an eye out for our tent.
  • Nicole Tacsar has joined the B-BAL as our new undergraduate research assistant! Learn more about her on the People page.
  • Dr. Hayes will be accepting applications for graduate students (clinical or cognitive) this fall.
  • We’ve just returned from testing at the Ohio Senior Olympics! Thank you everyone who participated! Turnout was great, getting to work with the athletes was even better!


  • The B-BAL welcomes Jessica Stark  as a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program! Welcome Jessica! You can learn more about her on our People page.
  • Jena Moody and Kate Valerio will be joining the MINDSET lab (a close collaborator of the B-BAL)!
  • Dr. Hayes’s next course offerings (Spring 2020) are a combined graduate student / honors undergraduate course PSYCH 5089 Cognitive Aging, Neurodegeneration, and Neuroplasticity and Psych4531 Health Psychology.
  • Our R21 was funded!
  • First official B-BAL / MINDSET lab outing at Adriatico’s, featuring two deep dish pizzas, buffalo wings, and discussion of the lab manual, challenges of being a woman in psychology, career planning, and interesting roommates.  November 16th, 2018.

Pictured left to right: Sam Kalmar, Jena Moody, Emily Green Aitken, Scott Hayes, Jess Horvat, Jasmeet Hayes