Lab News

  • November 2022: BBAL undergraduate student Michael Melville successfully defended his honors thesis. Congratulations, Michael!
  • July 2022: Jessica Cloud will be joining the BBAL to pursue her doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology starting in the Fall of 2022. Welcome, Jessica!
  • June 2022: Welcome to new full-time RA Abby Bowsher!
  • April 2022: BBAL grad student Jessica Stark received a CCBS Summer Funding Fellowship to support her research project examining the relationship between sedentary behavior and cerebral blood flow.
  • April 2022: BBAL undergraduate student Michael Melville received a summer undergraduate research fellowship (SURF) award from OSU CBI Discovery Theme to support his project examining the acute effects of exercise on executive function.
  • April 2022: Jessica Stark passed her general exams, advancing to doctoral candidacy and also submitted an F31 NRSA fellowship.
  • October 2021: BBAL grad student Jessica Stark’s manuscript, “Partial Least Squares analysis of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers, modifiable health variables, and cognition in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment” was published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.
  • October 2021: BBAL grad student Matthew Stauder submitted his NSF Graduate Research Fellowship proposal.
  • August 2021: $3.8 million R01 funded by NIA “Towards healthy aging: Quantifying vestibular contributors to age-related changes in balance and fall risk”; PI: Dan Merfeld; Dr. Hayes is a Co-Investigator
  • June 2021: Dr. Hayes was awarded a CBI Resource Award, which will support the acquisition of an Arterial Spin Labelling License for OSU’s 3T Siemens Prisma MRI Scanner.
  • June 2021: Chloe Huston, MA (Clinical Psychology, Cleveland State University) joined the BBAL as a full-time RA. Welcome, Chloe!
  • May 2021: Dr. Hayes was awarded a $3.3 million R01 grant from the National Institute on Aging! Funding from this grant will be used to examine the relationships between aerobic fitness, strength, and mobility on cognitive and brain decline.
  • May 2021: Dr. Hayes was awarded an OSU Presidential Research Excellence Accelerator Grant.
  • May 2021: BBAL undergrad Shana De Wet received a CODE Scholar Award from the OSU CCBS, which will support summer research training in psychology and neuroscience.
  • May 2021: Jessica Stark has successfully defended her Master’s thesis! Congrats Master Stark!
  • May 2021: Michael Melville was invited to the CCBS Undergraduate Summer Institute as a CUSI Scholar. Congratulations, Michael!
  • April 2021: BBAL Undergrad Laney Saggar won 1st Place at the Denman Research Forum. Congrats Laney!
  • March 2021: Matthew Stauder and Annie Lee will be joining the BBAL to pursue their doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology starting in the Fall of 2021. Welcome Matthew and Annie!
  • March 2021: BBAL Research Assistant Kelly Hiersche will be staying at OSU to pursue her doctoral degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. Congratulations Kelly–you made the right choice : ) !!!!
  • March 2021: BBAL undergraduate student Michael Melville was awarded the Career Accelerator Fund from the College of Arts and Sciences! This will support Michael’s research efforts this summer (2021). Congratulations, Michael!
  • Happy Holidays from the B-BAL!
Holiday picture 2020

Happy Holidays!

  • Jessica Stark’s NSF proposal received an honorable mention! Congratulations Jessica!
  • We finally moved into our new lab space! We are now located Lazenby Hall, room 012. Keep an eye out for our upcoming studies so we can show you around!

Our new lab space!

  • Dr. Hayes’s course offerings (Spring 2020) are a combined graduate student / honors undergraduate course PSYCH 5089 Cognitive Aging, Neurodegeneration, and Neuroplasticity and Psych4531 Health Psychology.
  • Congrats to B-BAL grad student Jessica Stark for submitting her NSF proposal–nice work Jessica!
  • Nicole Tacsar has joined the B-BAL as our new undergraduate research assistant! Learn more about her on the People page.
  • We’ve just returned from testing at the Ohio Senior Olympics! Thank you everyone who participated! Turnout was great, getting to work with the athletes was even better!

BBAL at the Senior Olympics

  • The B-BAL welcomes Jessica Stark as a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program! Welcome Jessica! Learn more about her on the People page.
  • Jena Moody and Kate Valerio will be joining the MINDSET lab (a close collaborator of the B-BAL)!
  • Our R21 was funded!
  • First official B-BAL / MINDSET lab outing at Adriatico’s, featuring two deep dish pizzas, buffalo wings, and discussion of the lab manual, challenges of being a woman in psychology, career planning, and interesting roommates.  November 16th, 2018.

Lunch at our favorite pizza place. Pictured left to right: Sam Kalmar, Jena Moody, Emily Green Aitken, Scott Hayes, Jess Horvat, Jasmeet Hayes