Family Life Programs

Grillin’ with My Grandchild©
A 3-session series developed in 2014-2015. Grandfathers and grandchildren learn healthy grilling techniques and co-create an electronic memory book on tablet computers.  In 2016 and 2017, it will be piloted in various counties across the state.  Assistance from Kevin Lancki and Cyndi Renn is acknowledged.

Time Out 4 Parents (TO4P): A 15-Minute Break to Strengthen Your Family
Developed curriculum in 2013-2014, contributors include Alexis Monroe and Carmen Irving. Includes: 14 lesson plans, handouts, evaluation (under development). Co-editorship added in 2014 with collaborator Pat Holmes.

Family Life Education Program Design, Implementation, Evaluation, and Analysis: Module I
Includes: Facilitator guide, participant guide, Prezi presentation, evaluation

Family Life Education Program Design, Implementation, Evaluation, and Analysis: Module II
Includes: Participant guide, ppt/SPSS/Excel presentation, evaluation

Successful Co-Parenting
Co-author of new co-parenting/divorce education curriculum. Includes: Facilitator guide, participant booklet, ppt presentation, evaluation

University Instruction

The Ohio State University
HDFS 3193 – Independent Research Study

South Dakota State University
HDFS 141 – Individual and the Family (Online)
HDFS 150/150L – Early Experience
HDFS 241 – Family Relations (Face-to-face; Online)
HDFS 355 – Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
HDFS 410/510 – Parenting
HDFS 700/700L – Research Methods (Applied Statistics)
GERO 492/592 – Intergenerational (Relationships) Issues

Syracuse University
CFS 363 – Introduction to Gerontology
Graduate Teaching Assistant for CFS 201 Family Development, CFS 255 Interpersonal Communication and Competence, CFS 363 Introduction to Gerontology

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