Welcome to Dr. Derek Sawyer’s research group site at Ohio State!

Our group works on a broad range of research within marine geology and geophysics to study sediment transport processes in underwater systems, natural hazards (underwater landslides, tsunami, earthquakes, and hurricanes), and stress and pore pressure in the subsurface. We use a variety of methods including field work (surveying, coring, sampling), multi-channel seismic data interpretation, sediment and physical properties characterization, and numerical modeling. Current field sites include the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Atlantic margin, the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. John and St. Croix), Japan, Coastal Maine, and Lake Erie. We focus on relatively young Neogene (<25 m.y.) geological systems including subsurface Miocene up through the present day.

My lab combines computational facilities to interpret and process geophysical seismic data and borehole logs to map geology in three dimensions as well as geotechnical experiments directly with sediment and rock. I work closely with the International Ocean Discovery Program on marine research expeditions.

One of my most important jobs is to teach and inspire the next generation of earth scientists. My own career track has been shaped significantly by mentors, teachers, and colleagues who inspired and motivated and I aim to do the same.

Prospective graduate students and Post-docs: Please contact Dr. Derek Sawyer (sawyer.144@osu.edu) for potential opportunities