Quiz Answers with Rationale

Test your knowledge by answering these sample questions about Basal Cell Carcinoma:


1.Which of the following is NOT a diagnosis that should also be considered when evaluating a patient for BCC?.

c. Multiple Myeloma

C. is the correct answer. Multiple myeloma is a disorder of the bone marrow/plasma cells and is not commonly associated with skin lesions.  


2. A patient recovering from surgical removal of a BCC tumor asks her provider if he will test to find if the cancer has spread to her blood. What is the most appropriate answer?

a. BCC has a metastasis rate of less than 0.1% so there is no reason to suspect it has reached the bloodstream.

Because basal cell carcinoma requires surrounding stroma for support during growth, it does not metastasize via blood or lymphatics. 


3. You are assessing a papule on a patient’s forehead. The lesion is 0.5 cm in diameter, elevated, waxy, hyperpigmented above the left eyebrow with some erosion, no erythema or scar-like properties.  The patient reports that the papule occasionally bleeds when it rubs against his baseball cap. Which question is most important to ask the patient during the assessment?

a. How much sun exposure do you generally have between 9am and 2pm?

Ultraviolet (UV)  radiation exposure is by far the primary cause of BCC. 


4. You are seeing a patient for the first time.  The patient points out some hyper-pigmented papules on his forearm and tells you that his wife thinks he is at risk for skin cancer because he is a farmer and spends a lot of time outside.  He then adds, “I’m not worried though. I never burn, even though I only wear sunscreen at the beach. Besides, I wear a hat when I’m outside all day.”  The best response would be:

d. Even people with dark skin are at risk for certain skin cancers, and it is important to be screened regularly as well as wear sunscreen when planning to be outside.

All patients exposed to UV radiation are at increased risk of BCC, despite their skin complexion. 


5.  Your patient has been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma and has a question about the disease. Which is an accurate statement regarding BCC?

B. BCC is most commonly found on the facial region

BCC is the most common skin cancer and is frequently found in the facial region.