Recent SolidWorks Projects

One of the benefits of being in the Media, Marketing, and Communications Scholars Program are Digital Sandbox Project Groups. Led by older MMC students and other upperclassmen, a variety of Project Groups are offered each semester in 7-week and 14-week programs focusing on a wide range of useful tools used in Media, Marketing, and Communication such as Photoshop, Word Press, and Java. This semester, I am currently partaking in the SolidWorks and 3D Printing Project Group. In this group, we explore the basics of the SolidWorks Software, and learn to 3D print our 3D models. Below is a sample of some of the projects I have completed for the class.

SolidWorks Projects

My GitHub

In the world of Computer Science and Software Engineering, it is important to always keep a repository of your projects and programs. This repository can be used to show companies and corporations your previous experience, expand your personal network of connections, and allow others to view and improve upon your work, among many other uses. The link below will allow you to connect to my personal GitHub repositories. They contain projects completed in my Computer Science classes at OSU, as well as personal exercises and additional projects.