About Me

Zachary Baruch is a first year student studying Computer and Information Science at the College of Arts and Sciences, and is currently enrolled in the Media, Marketing, and Communication Scholars program. In addition, Zach plans to pursue Minors in Music and Mathematics. In the future, he hopes to use the skills he has learned to develop music-related software, whether at a large technology corporation or at his own startup. He graduated from Wantagh High School with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors, and was a member of the National Honor Society. At The Ohio State, Zach stays involved as an active member of the Athletic Band and the Engineers For Community Service Organization. He also participates in Block O and the Casual Sports Club, while working as an Official for Intramural Sports. During his free time, Zach enjoys solving Rubik’s Cubes, practicing card tricks, playing and singing along to music, folding origami, brushing up on his coding skills, browsing the Internet, and playing video games.