My e-portfolio includes some of my best memories and accomplishments during my first two years at The Ohio State University studying Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife. A brief look into my life, my G.O.A.L.S., artifacts including my internship experiences, resumé, vision statement and statement of action, and a summary of my first two years in college are found within my e-portfolio. I have also added many meaningful pictures that help bring the descriptions of my wonderful experiences during college to life.

Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

Hello! My name is Eva Barr and I’m a student in the Biological Sciences Program at The Ohio State University. On this page, you will find some of my experiences and aspirations that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I hope you like the animal pictures!

Reflection & Vision Statement/Statement of Action

Vision Statement: After graduating from Ohio State, I hope to work for The Wilds as a wildlife manager and then pursue a Masters degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management.

Statement of Action: I want to become involved in wildlife ecology-related research on campus, provide great opportunities and events for Fish and Wildlife Society members, continue volunteering at Butternut, and make more important connections with professionals in my field of interest.

As I enter the second half of my college career, I am incredibly thankful for the experiences and opportunities that Ohio State has provided to me. I’ve learned many life lessons as I have learned how to navigate my academics, extracurriculars and friendships. Finding my home within the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) as a Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife major has been one of the best decisions of my life thus far. SENR has given me the guidance I need to become a successful natural resources manager and public intellectual. As my classes become even more specialized in my final two years, I look forward to the knowledge I will learn and the connections I will make with faculty and staff.

During my first semester, I struggled in my classes and was uninterested in the material. After I changed my major and found my place in SENR, my grades changed as I began to learn about the things I love. Since my change, I have been named to the Dean’s List three times and have gained my leadership position within the Fish and Wildlife Society. During the Fall Semester of my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to intern with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium as an Animal Care Intern for Australia and the Islands. This was hands-down one of the best experiences of my life. I loved my time at the Columbus Zoo so much that I will now be interning during Summer 2019 at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden for the Cat Ambassador Program.

When I think about potential careers after I graduate from Ohio State, I am interested in working for The Wilds, a 9000 acre conservation center and safari park located in Cumberland, Ohio. The Wilds is a part of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and aids in the conservation of many endangered species. Zookeeping and natural resource management are both incredibly meaningful and rewarding careers and my ultimate goal is to work as a conservationist for a global organization. By taking advantage of the internship opportunities presented to me, I’ll hopefully reach this goal.

The opportunities provided to me by Ohio State and my internship experiences have made my sophomore year one of the best years of my life. My parents always told me that college would be a series of ups and downs and it certainly has been. However, through the ups and downs I have grown a tremendous amount as I am learning more about myself and my passions every day. My first two years at Ohio State have been so memorable and I can’t wait to make more memories.


Global Awareness: Through my Chilean heritage, Morrill Scholar status and involvement within the School of Environment and Natural Resources, I hope to gain a stronger sense of global awareness. Global awareness is essential to societal growth, meaning that by becoming more knowledgable in respect to current events, I can learn how to make my future goals–for example, conservation reform–known and appreciated by others.

Original Inquiry: Having gained experience with wildlife in the past, I hope to continue this by interning for different organizations that have a focus on wildlife and forestry components throughout my undergraduate career as a means of preparing myself for graduate school. Moreover, if I decided in the future that I want to pursue a Ph.D., I will strive to find a research position on campus that will further boost my knowledge and resumé.

Academic Enrichment: Beyond pursuing academic excellence in the classroom, I strive to challenge myself in other aspects of my life: internships, extracurricular activities, etc. I hope to work with USFWS or National Park Service, where I would have the opportunity to assist in conservation and research. This experience along with other human-environment interactions made possible by clubs or my own research will help me to excel in my studies and personal growth.

Leadership Development: Having had multiple leadership positions throughout my life leading up to college, I plan to further develop my leadership skills through obtaining leadership positions in clubs and by communicating with peers in research labs, community service, and other campus co-curricular activities. I hope to provide career-enhancing opportunities to my club as the OSU Fish and Wildlife Society Vice President while also refining my leadership skills.

Service Engagement: As a volunteer at Butternut Wildcat Sanctuary, I have the privilege of helping look after bobcats, cougars, african servals, etc. While the experiences I gain at Butternut are often messy–I clean up after the animals often–the work is quite meaningful. Not only am I gaining the human-animal interactions that I need for both school and personal growth, but I am also helping to improve the lives of misunderstood and once mistreated animals. Bringing me great joy, I plan to continue to volunteer at Butternut Wildcat Sanctuary throughout my undergraduate career.


Summer 2018: Ohio Department of Natural Resources Naturalist Volunteer @ Lake Hope State Park

I had to opportunity to volunteer for the Lake Hope State Park Naturalist and assist during Lake Hope Nature Center events, interact with park guests, shadow general work operations, and take care of nature center animals. I gained familiarity with ODNR responsibilities and procedures and the ability to relay environmental education material to the public through interpretation.



Fall Semester 2018: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Australia and the Islands Animal Care Internship

I assisted keepers in preparing animals diets, cleaning and maintaining animal enclosures and exhibits, observing animals and reporting behaviors, and created a final research project studying the birds in Congo Aviary for the future use of the department. I gained familiarity with Columbus Zoo and Aquarium zookeeping responsibilities and conservation efforts, the ability to care for a variety of exotic animals and the ability to relay the zoo’s conservation missions to the public. In this picture is one of my favorite lorikeets, Sunflower.




Summer 2019: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Cat Ambassador Program Internship

This summer I am living in Cincinnati, Ohio and interning with the Cat Show department at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Cat Show strives to provide quality conservation education to the public through their cheetah encounters and other activities. So far, I have had the opportunity to further my zoo-keeping and interpretation skills as I work with the animals and the public. This internship and the friends I have already made are near and dear to my heart. This is a picture of Bravo, one of our retired runners, on a morning walk in the zoo.

About Me

Hi, my name is Eva Barr and I’m from Athens, Ohio—a small college town in the Appalachian part of the state surrounded by forest and rolling hills. I’ve traded my life in a small town for a new life in the bustling city of Columbus as I attend college at The Ohio State University. The opportunities provided to me by Ohio State, the School of Environment and Natural Resources, and Biological Sciences Scholars have helped shape me into the person I am today.

This year, I’m a junior on campus. I’m majoring in Forestry, Fisheries & Wildlife and specializing in Forestry and Wildlife Management.  Like any young girl, I wanted to work with animals. I was inspired by the work done by conversationist like Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin. Unlike the other kids who eventually fell out of love with the career as the more dirty, serious parts of it were revealed, I was still enamored with what a career in wildlife and natural resource management could offer.

Since finding my niche in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, I have become the Vice President of the OSU Fish and Wildlife Society. Our club is a student chapter of The Wildlife Society and we focus on providing connections with professionals in the natural resources field, community within members, and skill-building opportunities. In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, intern for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Australia and the Islands, and intern for the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Cat Ambassador Program. Throughout my first two years at Ohio State, I’ve had the chance to follow my passions and create strong goals related to my academics and club involvement. I can’t wait for what is to come!