Module 3 blog post

module 3 (215)

What is the most useful thing I learned in this module?  The most useful thing I’ve learned is how to stop procrastination. This module has given me multiple tips to help myself with this. In my future I will break down my assignments so it can be less stressful. This is the most useful because I struggle with procrastination the most. A specific example that I already have is a calendar. I plan out all my Daily activities and assignments. I also color code any daily activities and different academic assignments to keep me motivated. Something that caught my attention is the video with Laura Vanderkam. She made me realize that my time is my choice. I choose how I spend my time. It made me realize that I can find more time in my day to get things done. I have a message for other students. It is a good idea to spread out your work. From personal experience it is not fun to cram in a lot of assignments in a short amount of time. Plan out assignments so you can have an easy stress free day! This module was very informational and fun. There were some really cool people doing the videos. They kept it very interesting and I actually enjoyed them.

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