Freshmen Year in Review

My first semester at OSU involved a study abroad course on campus at OSU that focused on the culture, history and diversity associated with the city of London. Over winter break following my first semester, I explored London first-hand by traveling to the city with a class of my peers and OSU faculty members. I joined a research lab on campus during my second at OSU, and I hope to stay involved in research until I graduate. I also had the opportunity to partake in a semester-long research project for my general chemistry course that involved studying solar cell perovskites. I have been introduced to research in more ways that I expected at this point, and I hope to continue gaining exposure to research in the future. I have decided to continue pursuing a Chemistry degree after my first year, because I am excited to further learn about its applications and uses in the real-world. I also decided that I will be pursuing a minor in Mathematics throughout the duration of my academic program. I was also awarded a scholarship by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for the following academic year.

I was a member of the Taylor Tower Hall Council general body during my first semester at OSU before switching dorms. Being involved in hall council required active participation and creativity in order to positively contribute to meetings and make the residence hall a better environment overall. I’m also involved in Chemistry and Biochemistry Club on campus, which has allowed me to make connections and acquire insight in my field of study, so that I may be proactive in furthering my education during my time at OSU. I tutored a second grade student at a local elementary school once a week for the majority of my first year at OSU. I was hoping to be more involved in service around the community by this time, but I am proud of my involvement thus far. I also joined a sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, at the beginning of my second semester that has exposed me to community service in new ways. I am more involved in fundraising, support and involvement in charities than every before. Specifically, we fundraise and participate in events to benefit Autism Speaks.

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