On this site, you will find information to help you navigate the Enterprise Project’s Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting¬†(BAR) initiatives. Our work covers all aspects of reporting and analytics within the scope of the Workday project, including Workday reporting, data blending & integration, visualization, data analysis & discovery, governance, and data quality. Within the overall framework of the Workday project, the BAR Team is building upon the rich history of reporting & analytics at The Ohio State University to help take these technologies and capabilities¬†to the next level. As a member of the team that will be rolling out these new capabilities, you are a vital component of that effort.


Within this site, you will find information to help you navigate the many areas of the Enterprise Project as it relates to data and analytics. The outline below provides links to the core launching points to sections within this knowledge base. If you do not find the information you need, please reach out to us and post a question on our forum at the Data Forum (https://dataforum.org.ohio-state.edu/).


Note: this site is a work in progress! As we update content, we will send out notifications via our list serv, as well as through posts on the Data Forum. Check back often for new material, as we progress through the project.