Learning Technologies: Keys to Online Success

Here I am compiling some of technologies that I’ve found most helpful at Ohio State for an online learning class!


This is a free app featured on the iPads given out to OSU students. It is incredibly easy to organize notes by class, use highlighters, different colors, include audio in notes, and it is compatible with the apple pencil! Sometimes there are odd glitches within the app, but overall I find it extremely useful.

Study Scheduler through OSU:

This is another free app offered by OSU. It makes scheduling study time easier and reminds you when to study! It is still in its design phases so it is not the most aesthetic app, but it gets the job done well. Below is the link!

Study Scheduler


This is a digital planner that allows you to sign up for free and make lists depending on what you need. I use it to plan my weeks out and see what I’ve gotten done. It is good if you enjoy planning with technology, but if you prefer paper and pencil planners I would just stick to that instead. Below is the link!


I hope these technologies are helpful!