Online Success Class Summary

This semester I took part in a class called “Keys to Online Success.” Here are a few of my takeaways from my time spent in this class:

  1. I have learned a lot about working in groups, especially online. Taking the lead right away and starting communication with teams is crucial to project success. Setting up deadlines for oneself and your teammates can also be integral to getting work finished. This new information on teamwork in an online environment will aid me to be a better leader during my online semesters.
  2. I also learned a lot of tips to stay organized. The class provided me with lots of technology that helps set up a daily schedule. I found myself thinking more about when, how, and where I will complete my work, rather than just what work I needed to do. This mindset has helped me to be more successful in online classes that require a lot of attention.
  3. Lastly, I learned many tips on how to stay motivated. Setting both longterm and short term goals allows me to stay motivated whether I need motivation to get through the week, or through the next four years. I have learned to have better awareness of myself, my options, which options fit me best, and the process to reach my goal. This analysis has helped me to set achievable goals for myself and put a plan in motion to reach that goal.

As I reflect on my last 7 weeks in “Keys to Online Success” I realize how much my mindset has altered. I now have a set list of tools available to get work done, stay organized, and stay motivated in the short term and longterm. This class was extremely helpful as I navigate the online environment and helped me discover a great deal of new information.

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