About Me

I am Frank Baldi, a current freshman studying at The Ohio State University. I am currently studying within the field of engineering, although I am undecided as to what specialty I will pursue. My goal is to work hard and successfully obtain a specific engineering degree with a minor in business in order to hopefully have an option as to what field I will dive into following my undergraduate degree. That being said, I am in The Ohio State Scholars Program, more specifically the Stem Exploration and Engagement Scholars. I am a driven young man who aspires to obtain good grades regardless of the type of class, in order to achieve success. Although I am a freshman, I have traveled the world having to once relocate to London, England for four years of my childhood. This opened up many new experiences, cultures, people, and food to me at a young age. I have taken this experience to help better and develop myself. I met with various people from all over the globe with different lifestyles and cultures, taking this into account now as a young adult, and reflecting upon these experiences to benefit myself in the future. Reflecting back on this life changing experience motivates me to acquire success, so I can once again re-live my childhood experiences of traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new extraordinary people.