First Year Spring Project Conclusion Turn In

For my ten hour project I took on the challenge to create a song reflecting life during quarantine. I was able to create this song using garage band and utilizing the provided beats.  After browsing through the various beats I selected those that were most appropriate and sounded best together. Following this I then created lyrics of my own that reflects life during quarantine.  Creating a song did not pan out nearly as smooth as I expected. I faced various bumps and challenges in the road. First and foremost, I originally planned to record a song with the help of  another STEM  Scholar, Austin Orozi. However, since the global pandemic my plans drastically changed. When we were told we weren’t coming back to campus while on spring break, I was then going to utilize the help from a friend from home who also records music. Unfortunately by the time we were able to set a date to work on it, the pandemic had already gotten too bad. I was forced to record using garage band in order to create a track . To make matters all the more stressful I took on the challenge of fostering a 6 week old puppy. With that being said, I persevered through these various obstacles. I created a beat and lyrics from scratch and made the necessary editing and timing changes all by myself. Fortunately, I was still able to communicate with my friend and he was able to give me some tips and tricks on garage band that I could potentially use. Managing a self directed project definitely wasn’t a walk in the park, but it was doable. With the various challenges and conflicts everyone including myself are facing it was definitely a little challenging to manage my time, but I was able to effectively create time and space to work on this project. Next year I know it will be able to manage things easier and things will flow much smoother. After going through this self directed project already it was nice to gain the experience and understanding of what that’s like. With that being said I hope to carry the knowledge that I’ve learned and carry it over into the year-long capstone project. Also, I hope to be at school by the time I do take on this year-long capstone project and I know many of my peers and classmates will provide any help I need.