On Wednesday, November 13th, My peers in the STEM scholars program and I  attended a diversity and Inclusion meeting in the Journalism building room 270 from 4:10 to 5:05. I was looking forward to attending the event and was interested as to what was going to be discussed and spoken about. This feeling was not influenced by my own identities or my familiarity with Diversity and Inclusion efforts. I was simply just curious about this topic and was keen to participate in a discussion about it. I learned how to define key terms related to social justice. This consists of; social identity, dominant/ minoritized groups, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, and privilege. Furthermore, I learned how to describe myself and contextualize  experiences using social identities as a point of reference. Also I learned how to utilize increased awareness of my identity in order to build healthy relationships with people from different social groups. I think diversity and inclusion has a very big impact on STEM in terms of my classmates and myself on a daily basis. The reason behind this is because from what I have seen so far, The STEM scholars program has brought in great amount of students from various backgrounds and origins and almost everyone is unique in their own way. For example, personally speaking, coming from New York, I have met various people from all over the United States, as well as people from outside the United States. In addition their are many students within the STEM scholars program of different religions as well. This program is very diverse in terms of its students therefore I feel this presentation was ideal and very interesting as it relates to a majority of those that make up this program. In terms of diversity throughout The Ohio State I think there is an ideal amount of it. Everyday when I walk around campus I see a different face everyday, with different ethnicity’s, genders, and religions. I think there is a perfect amount of diversity because there are so many people from different places increasing this University’s wide range of people with unique aspects and skills they bring to the table and share with other students. Not many of my beliefs or assumptions were challenged as I am very accepting to diversity having lived in another country before. The group/ presenter went deep enough into the material and did a very good job at answering questions and elaborating on the presented slides. I think some people may have been afraid of participating in the discussion to begin with however as the presentation went on more and more people began to raise their hand and participate within the discussion. This is a very touchy subject especially throughout today’s current society so I’m sure some people were afraid to offend their fellow peers with certain comments and questions. After the event I was content with the material I learnt and appreciated the discussion I was apart of because throughout society today, diversity and Inclusion is a very big topic especially because people are still being discriminated for who they are.