Campus Resource

The first things that popped into my mind when required to visit a non-academic resource was the Ohio State Center for wellness and the Recreational and Physical activity center also known as the RPAC. I decided to attend the student center for wellness. I was aware of these resources but have yet to explore them. Fortunately my roommate and I decided to venture and explore them together. There were two different ways to schedule appointments. One way being via online upon which a form must be filled out and brought to the wellness center. The second way was in person where you will be given a form  upon which you must fill out and sign and hand in. Following that there was a wait until your name was called. The student wellness center is designed to support and attack typical problems that a college student may experience and struggle with, whether it be from relationship advice, drug prevention, or even a simple cold. Being a freshmen and adjusting to college is not easy, especially being an engineering major with all the overwhelming work and studying that must be completed. Therefore, my roommate and I felt that it would be a good idea to utilize this campus resource to find solutions to reduce stress and establish efficient routines to get our work done in order to help reduce stress and anxiety and ultimately just be happier. Personally I feel that Ohio State is not lacking any resource as any stress or minor inconvenience the typical college student faces can be helped, solved and supported. There are plenty of facilities, professionals, and resources to utilize to limit stress and just make life easier and a more enjoyable experience for college students. this resource has met all my expectations and does not require any extreme developments. There will always be room for growth whether it is a person or business, therefore yes there are potential areas for growth. An area for growth could perhaps be more professionals or staff to reduce wait time. Furthermore, I was glad this assignment required me to utilize this campus resource as they suggested study habits and alternatives to reduce stress and anxiety. My roommate and I split up and met with separate advisors by ourselves. I was suggested the Pomodoro Technique which is where an individual works consistently for twenty five minute intervals with short breaks in between to rest, and recuperate, and then continue back to doing work or studying for twenty five minutes and the cycle repeats. In addition we further talked about other ways to manage stress and anxiety. The simple things matter as well, things such as just eating healthy, drinking water, and daily exercising helps as well. More specifically the Student Wellness Center has a condom club, Student Civility, HIV and STI testing, Buckeye Peer Access Line, as well as Nutrition coaching. I’m sure throughout my time here at The Ohio State University I will utilize the many resources offered by the Student Wellness Center and take full advantage of them for the better and to ensure I enjoy my college life.

STEM seminar

On Monday October 7th I attended the physical chemistry seminar: ” Molecular dynamics simulations of bio molecular crystals”. The speaker is Benjamin G. Levine, a graduate from Michigan st university. I was very excited to attend this event and see what new things I can take away from this and learn from. The seminar took place in room 130 in the Chemical and Bio molecular Engineering and Chemistry building, also known as the CBEC. I attended this event with a few of my peers from my STEM scholars living learning community. I learned that NR recombination occurs at molecule-sized defects and that conical intersections facilitate NR decay in molecules. Although I was confused throughout the seminar as I have yet to learn such a deep aspect of science yet, it was still very interesting. In addition I was able to grasp somewhat of an understanding as to what the speaker was presenting and in a matter of fact made me rather excited to continue to pursue engineering and what other science related topics I am soon to dive into and learn about. Furthermore, I learned about Computing Conical Intersections as well. Despite my confusion in regards to this topic, I learned that the standard method for identifying conical intersections is the state averaged complete active space self- consistent field method. Along with this method is a few challenges associated with it. This challenges consisted of high computational cost, improper scaling of energies with system size, and nonphysical spatial symmetry breaking.To identify and explore the photo physically, relevant regions of the excited state PES we apply AIMD also known as Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease. A mixture of quantum chemical methods ( including highly accurate methods such as EOM-CCSD and CASPT2) to characterize the PES. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dangling Bond dynamics as well and the influence bond angles have. Also, hydrogen terminated SI nano particles have a high photo luminescence quantum yield in addition to strong quantum confinement effects. In addition Oxidized Si Nano particles have a lower photo luminescence quantum yield. Other than my fellow peers, I did not talk or converse with anyone else at the seminar. I did in fact feel out of place because of the material that was being presented and the rest of the audience did seem a lot older. The seminar did meet my expectations as they took a very specific aspect of chemistry and dove very deep in depth within this topic which I found quite interesting the way a specific topic can be elaborated, discussed and researched the way it was. I do think that there is merit to being active in the academic community as an undergraduate student as it can definitely support an help with networking, meeting, and being next to other individuals who share the same interests and passions. Depending on the type of seminar it can be a waste of time because if one were to go to any random seminar it most likely will be pointless as why would one take interest in a seminar they aren’t interested and passionate about. However, if one attends a seminar they are interested in and passionate about it may teach them something they had not already known or even better motivate them to dive deeper and pursue their interests within that field.