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Throughout my four weeks of living and studying at the Ohio state University I have utilized the many various resources the school has to offer to its students. At first, when I came upon a problem and question I didn’t know or understand I would try and ask a friend, but if they were no help I would be perplexed as to where I could find help. Fortunately, someone directed me to the MLC also known as the Mathematics and Statics Learning Center, located in the basement of Cockins Hall. This is a free resource center upon which I could receive the much needed help I have been looking for. When I arrived we were required to sign in then take a seat at the various desks and chairs they had available. At this point I began my math work, however, when I reached a question I was unsure about or completely misunderstood, I would place a pink card in a little silver holder mounted on the table. Once this was done, a tutor/ undergraduate Teachers Assistant would come over and help me with my problem answering any questions I had, in depth. I would repeat this process over and over whenever I was stumped or couldn’t arrive at the necessary conclusion needed to complete the problem. Furthermore, other than the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center, there were other problems I would come across from my chemistry 1210 class that at first I was unsure how to find the necessary help I needed. That being said, I was directed to the LRC also known as the Learning Resource Center located in room 170 on the first floor of the Celeste Laboratory.  It was completely free and no appointment was required, therefore when I had my questions and problems, I had just stopped in. Like the MLC the LRC was similar in that I would just show up at my own convenience sit at the various desks and chairs labeled “chemistry 1210” and whenever I was stumped with a problem or had a question, I would simply call one of the teacher assistants over upon which they would answer my question, explain a problem to me and help me work through it. Going to these resource centers have opened my eyes in regards to the various resources and much needed help offered by the university to help me along my college journey. Not to mention, knowing that I have various resources with easy access significantly reduces my stress and anxiety because I am confident I can always find the help I need. In addition, another significant resource center I recently became aware about but unfortunately have yet to use is the ELC also known as the Economics Learning Center located in room 385 in Arps Hall. Similar to the MLC and LRC this resource center is completely free and an appointment isn’t required. I plan to utilize this resource prior to my Economics midterm so I can assure I am well prepared and ready to take this exam. I plan to rotate using these resource centers to the fullest extent in order to help maximize my learning and success here at The Ohio State University.


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