Columbus To-Do #1

My group decided to go to the restaurant Melt for our Columbus experience on October 20th at around 3:30 for a late lunch. I really enjoyed Melt! I have been there before and I really like the food they have there. The only thing I don’t like about Melt is that sometimes if they are too busy, the service can be spotty and it can be a little slow. Next time I go, I may try and get something new instead of just getting the same sandwich I get every time. They have a lot on the menu, but a lot of them are not the usual menu items so it can be kind of risky to what you might get. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and I would definitely go back. Melt is such a fun place that has something everyone can eat. Also, they use local ingredients AND they are only in Ohio (Woo! Ohio!)

Here is my group at Melt!


Columbus To Do #2


For the second to do list, on November 11th, 2018, Rachel Pierce, Tiana Stussie, Kristen Wood and I went to the burger restaurant called Eden Burger in the short north for lunch. Eden Burger has a completely vegan menu, which was important because Rachel is vegan and Kristen is vegetarian! The menu was a little pricey but they had many options for burgers, fries, wings, milkshakes, smoothies and other drinks. The place was a little smaller with benches and little booths to sit at. They also had garden boxes on the walls that were very cute and added to the decor. I decided to get the California burger which was a black bean burger with pepper jack vegan cheese, and avocado with a side of fries. It was delicious! I would definitely go back, however, it is not somewhere you eat all the time because of the price and because it was very filling. It would be a good spot to meet someone who is vegetarian or vegan even if you are not because, even though everything is vegan, it can be something everyone can enjoy!

Here we are at Eden Burger!