Artifact 1-Journal .      

My artifact that represents my achievements is my journal. Sure, journaling can be kind of nerdy but it really helps me reflect and calm down from the stressors in life. I tend to look pretty far into the future and sometimes I lose sight of the great things that are right in front of me. When I journal, I focus on me at that very moment and write down how I feel and what may be going on. Then, I can look back at my past writings and notice my growth. My journal is very important to me because it connects me to who I am and who I have become. I plan to keep using my journal and continue to use it to reflect.


Artifact 2-Note from my parents

My second artifact is a note on the back of the care package receipt from my mom and dad. I received the care package from my parents and on the back of the receipt, there was a note with some funny stickers.The note read “8-ball says it’s all going to be okay! Love you most, the mom and the dad”. At the time when I had gotten the note, I had been struggling quite a bit. I was struggling with classes, I was homesick, I was constantly tired and so on. But when I read it, I could hear my mom telling me that it is going to be okay and joking with me to make me feel better. And I really needed it.  This note helps me remember that it is okay to struggle and in the end it will all work out for the better. It also reminds me that my family is always there for me and it reminds me how much they care. The note now hangs on my bulletin board as a daily reminder.