Columbus To-Do List #2 and #3

The second place in Columbus I decided to explore was Simply Rolled. It’s located in the Short North, which was very easy to access. There have been many times that I was just scrolling along on Facebook and came across a video of people rolling ice-cream. This fascinated me and I NEEDED to try it; therefore, I was super excited to go explore Simply Rolled. Thus far, Simply Rolled is my favorite Columbus experience and I’ve learned that Columbus is even more unique and fun than I expected it to be. The ice-cream there has an amazing taste and is in a fun form. They also have wonderful combinations on the menu. I would highly recommend trying Simply Rolled to any of my friends, family, or even a stranger. It’s the perfect place for someone with a sweet tooth.


My third Columbus To-Do list item is very different compared to the rest. I decided to mix it up a little and switch from my theme area to something else. For my third experience, I visited the Columbus Zoo! We had a zoo back home, but I’ve never been to the Columbus one before! My HES friend, Avery, and I decided to go one Sunday, since she lives around here and knows the area rather well. I love the zoo and the Columbus zoo is by far the best I’ve been to before. I would highly recommend going here for a day and seeing what it has to offer!

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