Artifacts #1 & #2

Artifact #1

Pictured in the photo above are some of my favorite people from back home. My mom works in the MH room at my high school; therefore, I spent so much time with these kids. They truly do know how to make me smile. These kids have had a huge impact on what career field I want to go into. I enjoy being around them, as well as helping them, which is why I am choosing to pursue a career in occupational therapy. This “artifact” describes who I am as a person simply by showing my compassion for people with, or without, a disability.

Artifact #2

Something that I’m involved in at Ohio State is H2O church. Back home, I wasn’t consistent in going to church and didn’t enjoy the way my church did things. During my second week living in Columbus, a few of my friends and I decided to go try H2O church and we loved it! Sunday service truly does help me get ready for the week! Being away from home is super hard on me, but being apart of an amazing church makes me not feel so alone. This “artifact” describes who I am by showing the importance of continuing my story with Jesus in college.

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