About Me #2- My Strengths

According to my strengths insight report, my top five strengths are restorative, relator, responsibility, discipline, and includer.

I agree that I am restorative because I love to solve problems. I don’t mean math problems, but rather problems dealing with people instead. I dread conflict; therefore, I try solving problems before they even arise.

I also agree that I am a relator because if someone talks to me about their problem, I think of ways in which I can relate to them, and then I try to help them solve their problem.

I agree that I also have the strength of responsibility because I am consistently committed on getting things done.

I also agree that one of my strengths is discipline because I constantly discipline myself with school. I know that I can’t go out and have fun with friends unless all of my school work is done. I make a daily list of what I need to do and I make sure I follow that list.

My final strength is an includer. From personal experiences, I know what it’s like to not be included in things; therefore, I make certain that I include people and never make them feel left out.

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