Year in Review

As my first semester as a freshman at The Ohio State University comes to a close I am proud to say I can look back and say that I have changed and developed as a person for the better. I remember the first week here, I wanted to go back home every night. But thankfully my family put their foot down and said I couldn’t come home until the 6 week mark. Which against my will I agreed to. But as I got into a routine and started to make good friends I realized things weren’t all that bad and I was actually falling in love with this place. I have seen tremendous growth within myself, I have become more independent and I have learned how to make myself happy. I have also realized that change is a good thing. Becoming more self aware has been a great and fulfilling journey for me.  And now as winter break approaches I am proud to say that I don’t want to go home and I know I am going to be ecstatic to come back for spring semester.  So in all I have found the OSU truly is my new home and I am glad I can finally call it that.


Global Awareness- Being able to engage globally with people in order to further research and other technological advancements. I hope to obtain this goal by traveling and doing research abroad sometime during my undergraduate experience.

Original Inquiry- Being able to individually learn about and engage in the research process. I will start this goal this summer with diabetes research and i hope to further it by finding various labs and other institutes during my undergrad.

Academic Enrichment- Enhancing the college experience of learning in and out of the class room. I have been able to do this through my sorority and by meeting so many new people. This has allowed me to learn from them and become a more well rounded person.

Leadership Development- Develop leadership skill that can be used everywhere. I hv started doing this by becoming the Service chair for the Bio Sci Board. I hope to serve on the board every year and i also hope to serve a leadership position in my sorority.

Service Engagement- Serve the community around me. I have done this through several means and will continue to engage in service each semester of my undergrad with a personal goal of 15 hours a semester.


Over the course of my first year at OSU I was involved in several community service activities.  A few of those include, the COSI fun run, Ronald McDonald cookie baking, working the love is booth, and a volunteering vacation. The volunteering vacation was my biggest project, it involved me camping for a week at the Indiana Dunes National Park and cleaning up the park and trails for a week!

During the summer after freshman year i will be interning with the Diabetes Institute down here in Athens and conducting research!


Here is a quick link to my current resume! Feel free to check it out!


Kaitlin Resume



My first artifact is a picture of me with my Costa-rican host family. I stayed with this family for a week while I was visiting the wonderful country of Costa Rica with my high school the summer after my senior year. I chose this as my first artifact because this family showed me how valuable family time is and how people that have so little can still give so much to a stranger who is visiting their country. They always made sure I was having a good time and even though they didn’t have the money to take me around unique places in Costa Rica they still did. The parents came home from inadequate working conditions every day and were still as happy as can be and spent time with their children and shared laughs.  This family has changed my life for the better and not enough words can describe how thankful I am for what they have done for me.

About Me

My name is Kaitlin and I am from The Plains OH, which is a small town right outside of Athens (OU oh yeah). But I have chosen to become a Buckeye in order to expand and heighten my education. My passion is science, therefore I am a current Biology major but I am still exploring my options! I am not set on a career goal but I know I want to do something in the sciences and I am really interested in helping people in whatever profession I enter! My hobbies include playing sports, wood working, reading, and just being around my friends as much as I can! I look forward to what this great institution has to offer me and where my time here takes me!