Fisher Job Shadow Program


Over my spring break this semester, I was accepted to participate in the Fisher Job Shadow Program.  I shadowed a company called Employment Solutions, which specializes in working with both employers and employment-seeking individuals in order to pair these workers with a company that needs employees.  They mainly work with companies that need warehouse and construction workers, and they hire these employees as temporary staff.  It was great experience and one I would definitely recommend to other students.  I hope to be able to participate in this program again next year because I learned a lot and made some great connections as well.  Experiencing what it is like to work in a small, fast growing company like Employment Solutions was really informative and I was able to learn how different tasks were handled.  This job shadow program was one of the highlights of this semester and allowed me to see how in-class skills are applied in real-life.  In fact, I was also given the opportunity to write a blog post about my experience that OSU published on the Office of Career Management’s From Orientation to Graduation Blog.  I attached a link to my blog post if you want to go check it out!

Link to my blog post—

My Freshman Year in Review

My first year at Ohio State has been awesome and interesting to say the least!  Along with taking some cool and informative classes, I have also been able to meet and interact with some amazing people, including fellow students, professors, staff, and other people not directly associated with the University.  The experiences I have had this first year have been rewarding, fun, and important.  College is a great place to meet new people and to experience things you would not have necessarily been able to experience back at your hometown (although my hometown is only about 20 minutes from here).  I have been able to do so many cool and interesting things this year that it would be hard to list them all.  Instead, I will list some of the biggest highlights and experiences from my first year here at OSU.

1st Semester:

  • Took some challenging classes, but survived and did well in them!
  • Introduced to Fisher College; a very neat place that I cannot wait to spend more time in these next few years
  • Met many new people and made some great connections as well
  • Participated in International Affairs Scholars
  • Made Dean’s list!

2nd Semester:

  • Took some more challenging classes, but learned a lot, especially in my computer science and engineering class
  • Applied and was accepted to join the National Residency Hall Honorary
  • Applied and was accepted to be a Fisher Peer Mentor for next year
  • Applied, interviewed, and was accepted to become a CRIS Mentor for next year; they are not directly affiliated with OSU but they provide services for refugees and immigrants
  • Participated in the Fisher Job Shadow Program over spring break at a company called Employment Solutions
  • Signed up to participate in STEP next year; I look forward to being able to do that next year
  • Saw lots of dogs on the Oval

Overall my freshman year has been great and I have had some awesome experiences to go along with learning a lot in my classes.  This past year makes me look forward to next year and what it has in store for me.

An Evening With Wes Moore


One of the first big events I attended at Ohio State was An Evening With Wes Moore, organized by OUAB.  Wes Moore, the author of The Other Wes Moore, came in and gave an insightful and powerful speech about the book and about his life experiences.  He also gave us some wise advice for college and for our future careers.

Having read his book over the summer prior to the start of college, I was eager to hear him talk to us.  I enjoyed the book very much, and I knew that there was more to the book than was at the surface.  That is why I was excited for him to come to Ohio State; he could give us some insight into the book and its meaning.  However, what I got out of that evening extended beyond the book and into real life and it was a very pleasant surprise.

So what exactly did Wes Moore talk to us about that evening that stuck with me?

Wes Moore discussed with us how in college it is more than just getting a high GPA and graduating within four years, it is about gaining usable and beneficial skills that can be used to improve other people’s lives, not just our own.  Us as college students, blessed to go to this University, should use our new knowledge and skills to impact the lives of others.  If we as college graduates do not use our degrees to help other people, than it is a wasted degree that will just hang on a wall and collect dust.  This may sound harsh, but it resonated with me and served as a reminder to keep things in perspective.  Obviously, having a good GPA in college is important, but a few years after college it will not matter.  What will matter though is what you are doing to improve lives besides your own, and putting your degree to good use.

I felt as though listening to Wes Moore talk to us has been one of the most important and insightful things I have done since I have been on campus.  It was not mandatory to go listen to him speak, but I am glad I did.  The lessons I learned will translate not only into my time at college, but also for my future after college.  I learned that while I still need to focus on getting good grades, I need to also focus on getting involved with clubs that I have an interest in and using that as a gateway to improve the lives of students on campus and in the community.  After college, in whatever field I decide to go into, I need to make sure I am using my college education to improve people’s lives.  If I only use my degree to improve my own life, then the degree will not be getting put to good use and it will thus be wasted.

Hearing Wes Moore speak was a great experience and I truly felt like I learned life lessons after it was over.  With the stress of getting good grades in college and getting as many internships as possible, students like myself tend to lose focus on why we are at college.  We are at college to gain knowledge and skills to improve some aspect of the world after we graduate, whatever that may be.



About Me

My name is Adam Bailey, and I am a first-year student from Dublin, Ohio.  I am planning on majoring in Marketing and minoring in another undecided business discipline.  I am also part of the International Affairs Scholars program.  As a learner, I would say I am a more hands-on learner who enjoys translating what I learned in the classroom into real life.  I hope to finish my four-year undergraduate program while maintaining solid grades and having two internships under my belt by the time I graduate.  After college, I hope to pursue a career working in consulting or helping strengthen a company’s social media presence.  Whatever path I take, I hope to work for a company that helps and serves others in need and works with a wide variety of different cultures and people.  In High School, I was heavily involved in and helped lead Key Club, which is a large volunteer and service organization.  I was also on my schools’ student council.  In college, I hope to continue to serve and get involved in service organizations. I also want to join an intramural soccer team and continue to stay healthy and active, which can be tough to do in college. In my free time, I love to play sports, hang out with friends, and binge watch the newest Netflix original series.  I know there is still a lot more about me I did not get to share, so if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Year in Review

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