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Description: This post is related to the assignment that required me to find job positions that I felt best suited me in terms of pay and skills.

 In summary of a Recruiting Manager

            “A Recruiting Manager” is someone who works in a large company that helps to recruit staff for available positions like management and supervisory positions. They are the ones who contact the unit managers to determine the need and the requirement of the departments. Once the understanding has been establishing the recruiting manager then starts the process of looking at applications, resumes, and reaching out to applicants. The recruiting manager would be the one to do the initial interview and then make a recommendation to the department manager. Meaning, the recruiting manager is the middle person between the department manager and the applicant at the initial phase of the hiring process. The department manager would determine whether to have another interview with the applicant or not. Also, the recruiting manager is the one who would do almost all of the paperwork during the hiring process.

The education requirements for a recruiting manager job is a bachelor’s degree in business, management, or a related field. They are usually work in an office setting and they spend most of their work time communicating on behalf of the company by phone and email. They are also expected to do frequent travel for out of town interviews and recruitment events. Companies pay their employees based on individual experience. The more years of experience an employee has the more he/she gets paid. Base on the recruiting manager salary description layout, someone with 1-year experience can earn a total average of $ 48, 051 based on 27 salaries. While others with 1-4 years of experience earn an average total of compensation of $ 59,939 based on 422 salaries. Ones with 5-9 years of experience earn a total of $ 75,651 salaries and so on.hj

The recruiting manager is shaking hand with a female applicant

In summary of Assisted Living Directors

The assisted living director is a management position that includes the supervising of an assisted living facility. They make sure that programs, services, and maintenance are carried out correctly and that employees follow all policies. Frequently, the director also is required to administer training programs to staff. The assisted living director works with staff to be sure that all residents are receiving the correct care required. The director is also responsible to help find solutions to solve any change of condition of their residents when they occur. The director is responsible for hiring and firing employees when necessary.

The director manages budgets and makes changes depending on the funds available. However, all financial decisions must not affect patients’ care. The director must have an interactive skill which is very important in this position. The director plays the role of interacts with staff, patients, and families of patients daily. The assistant living director should maintain a character that is a friendly and open relationship with families of residents to ensure that their needs are satisfied. Any changes and improvements to the organization must be made under their direction when the need arises. The director again is responsible to ensure that all staff and facility safety and health standards are met.

A bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum educational requirement for this position, and experience in the field is vital. Experience as a supervisor may be necessary or preferred. This position is generally a full time that takes place in an assisted living facility. Since experience is important as an Assisted Living Director, less than 1-year experience can expect to earn a total average compensation of $ 55,859 based on 12 salaries. Experience person with 1-4 years earns a total income of $ 58, 455 based on 82 salaries, and so on.

Assistant Living Director is keeping in touch with the patient to make sure everything is going well with her.

These jobs are good choices for me because I have their educational requirement of a bachelor’s degree and I have about 2 years of supervisor experience in a nursing home. Based on the recruiting manager position and the assistant living director position, both jobs gave a statistic of women being more favorable of 65% – 82% in these positions. The assisted living director job similar to my current job as a registered nurse and my previous position as a supervisor while I was working at a nursing home. On the same hand, both jobs can also be similar to my intended major. My intended major is to get a master’s degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). If I’m fortunate to acquire this degree, I will be in the position as the unit manager to whom the recruiting manager will be collaborating with and I will also be able to carry related duties as an Assistant Living Director. I am pleased with the salary and there is a chance of me making an earning more salary based on my years of experience in the nursing career. However, I believe that the level of my job satisfaction is more important to me than the salary.

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