Module 3 Blog Post

This post is directed to my colleague students: On this modul I have learned and gained varieties of good ideas that I found valuable to me daily activities. The one topic that I found most important and it is beneficial to me on this module is the time management skill. I found this skill most important to me because it helps me manage my daily activities in a meaningful timeframe. As we all know time is very essential especially when you are in school taking couple classes and have a full time work with family life to deal with. Therefore, I have started to do my school work in my dining room, away from my bedroom with TV on or having my cell phone by my side. So far by using this skill has helped me be more proactive in my time management. It has helped me finish my assignment in less time than when I used to do my assignment in my bedroom with my TV on and my cell phone by my side. I found that I have managed to save more time to do other domestic house work. I believe I will continue to build on this time management skill by disciplining myself to refine from social media usage when I have a task to be done. I will also educate colleagues, family and friends whom I find struggling with time management issues. I hope others will learn and put into practice from this module lesson as I have done.

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