Module 7

The most useful thing I learned in Module 7 was that taking study breaks may not seem like the best use of your time but in the end, it will benefit you due to helping yourself re focus and not get too exhausted doing the same thing for hours. Fully getting up and walking around from where you were sitting is a good refresher and will help you stay focused in the long run. I already usually take breaks when I am working on something for 1 hour plus and I knew it somehow helped but I was never sure why that actually was. Another thing I found very interesting in this module was that you shouldn’t let your class schedule determine when you wake up in the morning, which I did not do last semester. This summer I have been on a more consistent schedule when it comes to waking up and going to bed and I have noticed that I am more awake in the mornings and feel better throughout the day. Last semester I would go t bed and wake up at all different times and now that I think about it, it probably took a toll on m body and didn’t help me reach my potential.

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