Module 6

The most useful thing I learned in this module was a refresher on the correct and most successful way to search for information through a search engine. I had learned this back in middle school and high school but it’s been awhile since I was last taught this. I feel that it’s very important to know the best way to search for information because it helps you find the most accurate information while also saving you time in the long run. Wildly searching for information on the internet without a real searching plan can lead to inaccurate conclusions and it could take a lot longer than using the search engine the best way. Another thing I learned in this module is the difference between searching and researching. I knew they were similar but I never knew that they had specific differences. This is useful for me because I do a lot of extracurricular searching and researching when it comes to my football content hobby, along with the obvious school related searching and researching. Reliability is another important aspect of researching that goes under the radar in my opinion. Especially in today’s day and age with Twitter, anyone can post anything and people will somehow find a way to believe it.

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