Module 5

The most useful thing I learned in Module 5 was getting a sense of how I should take my notes, on paper or electronically. I had never really thought about which system would benefit me more I just always typed my notes since I entered college. Now that I’m thinking about it and seeing all the pros and cons of both I realize it’s all about preference. You could even have some classes where you take them on paper and some where you take them electronically, depending on the speed and content of each lecture. One specific example that has already happened to me is that taking notes electronically can provide more distractions than paper note taking. There have been occasions where I am in class note taking and messages will pop up on my screen and distract me. Having the entire internet at your fingertips doesn’t help either. Although I do prefer electronic note taking due to the fact it is all easily accessible and I don’t have to scramble through tons of papers, I do see the downsides in note taking this way. Advice I would give to students reading this is there is no right or wrong way to take notes. Figure out whatever works best for you and your memory, and you will get better and better at note taking.

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